parentum Berlin/Havelregion 2019

02.11.2019 –  OSZ Technische Informatik, Industrieelektronik, Energiemanagement (TIEM)

10.00 - 14.00 o'clock, Free Entry

Twice as many visitors as last year - parentum Berlin is a great success

The parentum in Berlin was twice as successful as last year: Around 900 vistors wanted to get information about the various possibilities after graduation from school and ask questions to the experts. 36 exhibitors were presenting their offerings to parents, grandparents and students. Visitors were coming from all around Berlin and Brandenburg.

Parents were thankful for the opportunity to collect information for the future of their children, while exhibitors were impressed by the high level of motivation and interest.


The next parentum in the region will take place on October, 6th 2018 at the OSZ TIEM in Spandau.

IfT-Contact Person:

Christina Menzel-Ostrowski


Tel.: +49 30 405771253

Address of the venue:

OSZ Technische Informatik, Industrieelektronik, Energiemanagement (TIEM)

Goldbeckweg 8-14

13599 Berlin

Fair informations to download:

At parentum Berlin/Havelregion 2019 are attenting 44 exhibitors.